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The Story

In December, 2004, film actor Denzel Washington and his family visited the Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Washington has always been interested in, and commited to, our fighting men and women who serve in all branches of our military forces.

While there, Denzel took part in a Purple Heart ceremony and gave the metal to several wounded soldiers.

While touring the facility, he was shown the "Fisher" houses where soldier's families can stay, on post, while their loved one is treated and recovers from their war wounds.

These "houses" are full most of the time because of the high number of soldier's families who are there. Denzel asked how much it costs to build one of these structures. When he was told the enormous price of each of these units, (about $1.5 million), he decided to donate a large sum of money to help in the construction of a new one.

I have always liked Denzel Washington's acting and have enjoyed his many films. Now I have reason to like him as a human being.

So many of our Hollywood actors and actresses make huge sums of money from the films and television shows that they do. At least one here is giving some of it back.

We have young men and woman who go to war to do what they can for their country. We have a few that do what they can here at home. Denzel is one of these people.

When actors such as Madonna, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins shoot their mouths off about the war, they get all sorts of media attention. Why dose a selfless act of patriotism such as this not get heard by people all over the country, or the world?

To Mr. Washington I say, "Thank you for serving our great country in your own special way. Thank you for helping our troops keep their families close by in their time of need."

If you want to see movies made by such low-lifes as Sean Penn and other mud slingers of Hollywood, do it! It's your life. Personally, I have no interest in watching these people on the screen. But, I WILL continue to enjoy films starring Denzel Washington every single chance that I get.